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      • Marketing System
      • Domestic Network
      • Overseas Network

      In order to better adapt to market competition, to achieve a better cooperation among marketing, production, technology, quality and other aspects, HBIS Tangsteel set up the integrated platform of production, marketing, quality control, research and development, and marketing services, and organized a quick response team which takes the market and customer as the center, HBIS Tangsteel improves customer’s satisfaction, develops strategic customer base, and enhances market competitiveness. The company developed the "Key Account Manager" marketing system for value-added products market exploration and services, and established the "Major Customer" service team, which formed the organizational pattern includes production, sales, R&D, and quality. This pattern can enables the production, technology, quality, and salesman enters into the market frontline, and solves problems in the frontline, and improves working efficiency within the service. Takes the value-added products to develop customer and the stable and strategic customer can improve products quality correspondingly. Through focusing on value-added products, embracing customer, and establishing strategic customer base and improving market share to realize the sustainable development.

      • Introduction to institutional framework

        Through subdivides products to appoint the key account manager in accordance with the products development plan, the manager implements the segmentation of market and customer, and integrates all available resources within the company, breaks the organizational boundaries to strengthen interoperability of all aspects, and establishes the service team which focuses on key customer and products, and ensure that production, marketing, research and development, quality, logistics, finance departments are all involved. The team is under direct charge by company leadership, which subdivided 13 teams lead by key account manager, the daily management offices set in the market department and responsible for the formulation and implementation of control routines. The organization diagram as follows:

      • Institutional framework
        Map of institutional framework
      •  The key account manager takes full charge of service team, the team conducts market development and positioning as well as analysis based on their respective product, and recognizes customer’s requirement, and to develop strategic customers. The team should offer the one-stop solutions to the customers, and holds full responsible for the customer development and service, and realize the “Matrix structure” progress.

         The service team should under scientific management, which can timely and effectively to provide high quality services to key customers. Builds the quick response mechanism and offers process optimization recommendations to ensure efficient solutions for customers from inquiry to order intention, contract review, technical agreements and contracts signed until converted into production orders, production and delivery that problems and difficulties encountered in the process, offers a full range of services to ensure the timely delivery of our quality products to the customer.

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